Meeting the ever famous , adorable, and skinnny;


From the time I first started WW, this time around, I have been communicating, and been inspired by Darlene. She has been, and continues to be one of a select group of great big losers , that has helped clear the path, to show me this IS possible. Today, was a great day, when I got to meet in person, and spend a lovely aftermnoon with this mentor of sorts. She is visiting Orlando with her partner Liz, and a woman they take care of , who lives with them, Sherry. Here we are! I am so fortunate I live in Orlando, AND get to travel, that I get to meet so many great people from my WW family!

Darlene (darleneelizabeth) and Diane (dianehelen)

Added together, we have lost close to 380 pounds! We are a couple of BIG LOSERS! :)

Sherry(who lives with Darlene and Liz), Darlene, Liz