WW 200+ Board Takes NYC!
January 29, 2004

WOW!! What an amazing time we had. This had to be one of the best nights ever had in this great city! Here we are, just having the time of our lives at Terra on 8th Ave and 55th Street.



Akasha (Michele) and Liz (Teach2learn)

Weight2go57 (Beth)

350lessofme (Mike) and Maryann


DianeHelen(Diane) , 350lessofme (Mike), Maryann, Iloverockstarts(Ilene)

Akasha (Michele) and Teach2learn (Liz)

Hopeful90 (Rochelle) and Akasha (Michele)


Teach2Learn (Liz) and Skaterosen(Ruth)



Hopeful90(Rochelle), Dan (Rochelle's DH), Akasha (Michelle), Skaterosen (Ruth)

DianeHelen(Diane), 350lessofme(Mike), and Maryann (Mike's DW)

Skaterosen(Ruth), Cheryl2003(Cheryl) and Weight2go57 (Beth)

Hopeful90 (Rochelle) and Dan (her DH)

Maryann (Mikes DW), DianeHelen(Diane) and Iloverockstars(Ilene)

NJEileen(Susan), Hopeful90(Rochelle), Dan (her DH)

The whole group, no Diane, I took this picture

The group, with Diane, but a bit dark...