May 15, 2003 - NYC Get together

What a fun time we had! Here are some picture memories to share! Who was there? Well, it was me, Michelle, Jessica, Ruth, and Ariella. A few we expected were not able to, sadly, but we did have a blast!!


I picked up Michelle at Penn Station, and we hung out at my hotel waiting for the others
Then we all got together, and headed to the restaurant, Americas, lots of good OP choices. Too bad I had to walk back to the hotel, where I left the memory card for the camera. I took this, as I walked down the block. Check out that cool flag.
Here we are chowing some OP foods.  Yum Yum
left-right: Diane,. Ruth, Jessica
From the other side of the table me and Michelle
Ruth and Jessica
The group shot. Im sorry the lighting was not great, so even with flash its dark.


standing: Michelle, Diane, Arieall

seated: Ruth, Jessica

Back at the lobby of my hotel
Hangin in my room, Ariella