Orlando Get together, McCormick & Schmicks
 January 3, 2004


Having a lovely afternoon with some very special women from the WW 200+ Board on a Balmy January afternoon in Orlando, FL. The first shots were inside the restaurant, then we went outside, at the gorgeous new Mall at Millenia, to pose for some outside shots. Notice behind us, right next to the restaurant, is the deadly Cheesecake Factory. I am happy to report, none of us were taken unwilling captive to the evil sanctum. We had a great time, great conversation, great food and just laughed, talked, shared and enjoyed each others company.

The waiter took this and was not very steady, but it was a nice shot otherwise, so Im showing it. Top Row L-R: Cathy (Queenie214), Judy(Judy-Ann), Mary(MiriamFeige), Diane (DianeHelen), Ann(*AnnP*)  Bottom Row L-R: Johnny (Cathy's Sister) Susan (SuzyQFla1), Theresa(Ryanchrisjoshmom)

Johnnie, Susan, Theresa

Theresa, Susan

Theresa, Mary

Judy, Cathy

Johnnie, Susan

Theresa, Mary

Judy, Cathy

Diane, Ann

L-R: Johnnie, Susan, Theresa, Mary, Diane, Ann, Judy, Cathy

Top L-R: Mary, Diane, Ann, Cathy, Susan. Bottom L-R: Judy, Theresa, Johnnie

Ann, Susan, Johnnie

Cathy, Mary, Judy

Mary, Ann, Cathy, Diane, Susan, Judy

Cathy, Diane

Susan, Judy, Mary