Decreasing Diane


Watching Diane Decrease

OK, so I was not gonna do a website to track my weight loss progress. I do, look at , teach, analyze, adjust websites, and network related stuff all day for students and clients, so the last thing I really wanted to spend any time on was doing one for me. But, as life would have it, Ive been asked, and convinced it may be a fun way to share my still very young journey into the world of a smaller, better fitting, healthier, less me, well ME.

So, here it is! Don't expect a lot of glitzy, flashy, sparkly things that you see on some of these sites, I'm just not into that, and personally think it detracts from the value of the content. But hey, that's just me. On YOUR website, you can have as many jumping beans, flying squirrels, or whatever you desire. Its a free country! This is my site, and what I will promise, is that I will try to have meaningful and interesting content that is pertinent to my weight loss, and learning curve in knowing myself and my food relationships better.

If you enjoy it I glad, if not, you can access the complaint department by clicking that little X on the upper right corner of your screen.

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Diane and Buddy

My Beloved Golden Retriever, Buddy. Who gave me almost 17 wonderful years of love. Buddy went to the Rainbow Bridge in June of 2003