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Friends along the way

I firmly believe no man or woman is an island. The "It takes a village" concept is just as valid for us. I have found tremendous support and some wonderful friends on the various internet message boards. There are many boards and forums that I have gained information and friendships from, but the special bond I feel from  my ETJ friends  is such a great place because it affirms there are others like me. Large women  who bond together to work thru the obstacles and joys one experiences  along this journey, when you have to live in a world you just don't fit into.
I have also been fortunate, to meet a few, and hope to meet others along the way. Check out the GET TOGETHERS to see some of the great folks I have met in person.

Some special folks who have made this trip great

A Few People who are special to me

Mike (350lessofme) A truly amazing story from a truly amazing man. Someone who has become a daily source of inspiration and camaraderie. I  have found a true and lasting life long friend in Mike
Kelly (Kellyscifi) A friend, a cybersis, and an all around remarkable woman who, has risen to amazing accomplishments, in the face of personal trials and tragedy beyond the brink of what most of us will ever know. She continues to inspire, motivate, and participate in helping others even after she has reached goal and lost over 200 pounds!
Darlene (Darleneelizabeth) My friend in the great white north of Canada, who is a amazing woman, a true mentor, and inspiration to me. She has lost more weight than almost anyone in my real life (other than immed. family) weighs. Over 200 Pounds! YIKES! Still amazes me
Sandy (cleanersmom) All the way in Iowa, but we chat online almost daily, and share our journey, and how it affects our lives.
Michelle (Wyccanchic) A great pal in New Jersey, makes me laugh, and keeps life and humanity in the proper perspective.
Maggie (Sugarpeach) A southern belle,  in Alabama with a sharp wit,  a great sense of reality and always a pure joy to chat with

Get togethers I have been to so far!

See us in Boston,  November  12, 2002

Central Florida November 30 , 2002

Bethesda Maryland March 13, 2003

Dinner in Orlando with me & Suzyqfla and husbands 3/22/03

Dallas Texas, with Deborah, April 24, 2003

New York City, May 15, 2003

Central Florida June 7, 2003

Juneau Alaska, June 20, 2003

Vancouver, BC June 23, 2003

Reston, VA August 1, 2003

Orlando, FL January 3, 2004

New York City January 29, 2004

My home Orlando February 24, 2004

Meeting Darlene Orlando March 12, 2004

Orlando Dinner at Seasons52 February 26, 2004


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